The furniture we create should last a lifetime.

High design meets low impact.

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From ownership to stewardship.

We’re creating a new model for furniture design that brings the maker community, manufacturers, and business together to create timeless furniture that’s cared for and passed on instead of used and thrown out.

Heirloom creates a new circular economy where companies invest in furniture designed to last multiple generations across multiple companies. The outstanding craftsmanship allows for its story to grow throughout its journey over time. It represents a return to what makes us great: natural materials, customization, and a thriving maker community.

It’s more than furniture. It’s a movement.

When we each do a little, it adds up to a lot. Join our growing movement of dealers, makers, and business partners committing to build a more sustainable industry. You’ll support our mission to remove 12 million tons of furniture from landfills every year.

The Heirloom Pledge to Sustainability

Putting our values into practice has never mattered more. Take the pledge and support our mission to remove million tons of furniture from landfills every year.