Huntingburg, IN

While furniture has been our specialty for over 85 years, we draw our expertise from a much longer tradition of quality craftsmanship and fine woodworking. Some of our great, great-grandparents made horse-drawn wagons, some of our great-grandparents manufactured venetian blinds and basketball scoreboards, but furniture has stuck with us because it becomes an intimate part of people’s lives in a way other products can’t. It’s a presence that deserves intentional craft.

OFS is a family-owned contract furniture manufacturer and logistics provider built around the mantra of “what you make people feel is as important as what you make.” Founded in 1937, OFS serves the office, healthcare, education, lifestyle, hospitality, government, and home office markets worldwide. The brands, Carolina, Bryan Ashley and Styline Logistics are OFS companies. OFS is based in Huntingburg, Indiana and employs nearly 2,000 people.