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Hi there, I'm Ryan's custom table desk

This is my story.

Samantha Lewis from Gensler San Francisco designed this desk for the office of LinkedIn CEO, Ryan Rosklansky, to deliver a conversational and inviting space.  It was handcrafted locally at Woodtech in Oakland, CA of plain slice FSC white American oak veneer over 100% recycled (pre-industrial content) particle board core by Jorge Ramirez and finished by Marcelino Jimenez. The desk is height adjustable to promote healthy postures for work and virtual meetings, and provides the width and depth to accommodate individual work and in-person meetings. The angled shape allows Ryan to casually gather at the desk with 2-3 people, pivot to a soft seating area nearby, and supports a screen position to the side rather than center front, reinforcing a welcoming experience for guests. Enclosed storage below enables clean views for in-person and virtual meetings.

The maker of this piece, Woodtech, is a minority owned business started by Juan Figueroa, a Mexican immigrant, is located in Oakland, CA. They have a strong respect and dedication to their community by being located in both a HUBZone and Green Zone.  Woodtech’s respect of the environment is reflected by generating 100% of the power they use via the solar array located on the roof of their building.  Their commitment to their people is just as strong as it is for the environment. Woodtech provides laptop computers and college scholarships for employee’s children.  It’s no wonder multiple generations of families have called Woodtech home.

Where Have I Been?

I was born in Oakland, CA,, then found a new home with LinkedIn in April 2021 as part of their commitment to sustainability.

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