Hi there, I'm Sugar Stool

This is my story.

Sugar Stools start with sourcing reclaimed pine beams—this one was salvaged in Pennsylvania. Michael, Uhuru’s CNC Machinist, first used a customized computer controlled precision mill to cut the faceted hexagonal design into the top end of the beam. The beam was then cut down the sides by Chad (Woodwork) using a chainsaw, revealing a unique finish that naturally transitions from the pristine angles of the seat to the rough-hewn base.

The name comes from Uhuru’s original Sugar Stool collection, created from reclaimed pine beams salvaged from Brooklyn’s historical sugar refinery. Learn more about Uhuru’s involvement in the redevelopment of the site and the story behind the upcycled material used there.

This Sugar Stool was made in a small batch at Uhuru’s Denver, PA, manufacturing facility in 2021. Discover the making process.

Where Have I Been?

I was born in Denver, PA,, then found a new home with One Workplace in June 2021 as part of their commitment to sustainability.

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