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The Hono Stool started with a rediscovery of Shou Sugi Ban, an ancient Japanese burning technique that preserves wood through charring. Inspired by the method’s resulting rich color depth, authentic texture, and its traditional use to weather-proof wood, Uhuru adapted the application to be environmentally safe and durable.

Uhuru works to pull offcuts from the waste stream of telephone pole production into its Denver, PA, workshop. The material for this Hono was sourced from Texas. It was given its relief cut that controls the movement of the wood and gives it a unique character by Sotero (Woodworker) before being meticulously hand-charred and finished with a non-toxic clear coat by Tim (Hand Finisher) in 2021. Hono Stools showcase the narrative of this ancient method and highlight one of the earliest methods of wood preservation.

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I was born in Denver, PA, then found a new home with a private owner in 2022 as part of their commitment to sustainability.

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