Hi there, I'm the Eleven Wood Table

This is my story.

The Eleven Wood table evolved from our original Eleven workstation and collaboration products. Designed by Swiss designer Daniel Korb, Eleven was the result of his design ethos that furniture is architecture at a different scale. Eleven Wood was introduced to bring the warmth, beauty and uniqueness of wood to the structures and surfaces of the product.

This table features solid wood ash legs and the soft-rounded top is part of our salvage veneer collection. OFS craftsmen collect the offal (scraps of veneer) from our veneering process and then lay them up to produce surfaces and table tops. Every salvaged veneer top is laid up by hand and one-of-a-kind.

Where Have I Been?

The Eleven Wood table featured here was produced in Huntingburg, IN, in 2018 and originally found its home in the OFS headquarters' newly opened Roots Cafe. After being swapped out for a farm table that was made from 100-year-old post and beams from a manufacturing facility that was razed, the Eleven Wood table made a stop in another OFS facility for the next 3 years. In the summer of 2022 it came to Chicago as part of Metropolis Magazine's Sustainability Lab at the contract furniture design event, NeoCon. Now, it is available for another group of people to enjoy and share stories, laughs and big ideas around.

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