Hi there, I'm the Heirloom + Mantra Inspired Furniture Table

This is my story.

This is a story of a solid wood conference table that was transformed from a live edge organic style table to a sleek modern black conference table. This table represents how solid wood furniture can last for generations and can adapt to new trends as it ages. The live edges were cut off and saved for another future use, all surfaces and edges were planed and sanded, the top was refinished to our black stain, and new style legs were mounted to create our new conference table.

Mantra Inspired Furniture is a grassroots community of designers and makers propelled to create timeless, enduring, investment grade designs. Our strength lies in our abilities as an agile disrupter and our promise to Mother Earth to bring to the marketplace furniture that sequesters carbon and embraces the cyclical ability to repair, restore and renew. With enthusiasm and optimism, Mantra is dedicated to products made in America by American craftspeople. Mantra Inspired Furniture is doing authentic sustainability now.

Where Have I Been?

I was born in Richmond, Virginia, then found a new home with Mantra Inspired Furniture in June 2022 as part of their commitment to sustainability.

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Watch our video to see what makes us special and why our furniture will never see a landfill.

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