Hi there, I'm Vasara

This is my story.

Maker: Pair, LLC

Hello. Meet Vasara. Our team deconstructed a piano action that was found at a local reuse salvage market, we repurposed it into three beautifully unique light fixtures. While creating my light it was important to me that I celebrated the mechanism within the piano that it was built from. This was done by keeping the hammers taken from the piano action intact and layering them in a radial repetitive pattern.

I weaved the hammers together using copper wire, an homage to the wrapped copper found surrounding most piano wire. The felt pads that you see projecting outwards are a critical piece to both the piano and this light fixture. In a piano these felt pads gradually decrease in size as they move towards one side of the keyboard, in a similar way the pads gradually change in size as they revolve around the bulb.

By building a strong relationship between the piano mechanism and my light fixture, I hope to invoke powerful and profound emotions similar to the impact a piano makes.

I was born at Pair, LLC, and listed for auction at Chairity, the annual event where creative volunteers auction off their designs in order to raise money for our community Chairity 2021 is being held November 4 at the San Francisco Design Center. Learn more at: www.givetwochairity.com

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