Hi there, I'm YVES

This is my story.

Maker: OWP Design

A chair, a sculptural piece, a work of art – YVES is whatever you want it to be.

YVES is inspired by the work of Yves Klein, French artist and co-founder of the Noveau Realisme (New Realism) art movement in 1960. Just as the art Klein created in his signature ultramarine blue, YVES is striking in its intense monochrome blue form.

A woven seat and back anchor YVES in structure among unexpected elements. As strips of textile are liberated from the woven pattern, cascading ribbons of blue flow in all directions around the chair. Its wrapped legs challenge norms in thought provoking detail, and the brilliant blue is embellished only by a singular crystal rope cinched at the base of the seat.

The fluid form around YVES is shape-shifting, welcoming its user to manipulate its silhouette in their preferred interpretation and expression of movement. Let YVES immerse you in pure color, dynamic evolution, and spontaneity.

Where Have I Been?

I was created in Santa Clara and am participating in the 2022 Chairity Auction at Almanac Brewery, 651 West Tower Avenue, Alameda, CA.

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