Hi there, I'm the Lowe Loop C-Table

This is my story.

Matt Cheadle, designer at Mantra Inspired Furniture, designed this C-Table to showcase the contrast of strength and softness. It was handcrafted from solid American white oak and forged steel. The subtle detail of a routed edge meshed with the cleanliness of a precise steel edge expresses the quality of a deep embrace between two opposites. The craftsmanship in the intersection of wood and metal creates a window to another material as the Lowe Loop strap detail frames the beautiful character of wood. There is a balanced strength without bulk through the equal use of wood and metal materials. The combination of wood, steel and clean lines provide an accessory of warm comfort in any environment.

Mantra Inspired Furniture is a grassroots community of designers and makers propelled to create timeless, enduring, investment grade designs. Our strength lies in our abilities as an agile disrupter and our promise to Mother Earth to bring to the marketplace furniture that sequesters carbon and embraces the cyclical ability to repair, restore and renew. With enthusiasm and optimism, Mantra is dedicated to products made in America by American craftspeople. Mantra Inspired Furniture is doing authentic sustainability now.

Where Have I Been?

I was designed in Richmond, VA, and handcrafted in an Amish workshop in Walnut Creek, OH. In June, 2022, I came to the Metropolis Magazine Sustainability Lab for NeoCon.

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