Hi there, I'm I-Spy Table and Chairs

This is my story.

Maker: Brereton Architects

The original piece was found in Union City, CA. The final table includes a built-in game, thus the name “I-spy.”

We’ve created a laminated game sheet with dry erase markers so you can search for the fun little toys buried in the wax. One side is a riddle and the other side is a picture key or for the littler ones to cross off! Each toy is on that table somewhere, can you find them all?

I was born at Brereton Architects in San Francisco, CA, and was listed for auction at Chairity, the annual event where creative volunteers auction off their designs in order to raise money for our community Chairity 2021 is being held November 4 at the San Francisco Design Center. Learn more at: www.givetwochairity.com

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