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This is my story.

Maker: FENNIE+MEHL Architects, One Hat One Hand

Our concept began with children in mind. Given the multitude of challenges our kids have been facing the last 18 months (and continue to face), our idea was to reconfigure an existing furniture piece that could be used by children in a fun and innovative way to learn.

Keeping with this year’s theme of “Give TwoDay, Change TwoMorrow”, we wanted to “give” a fun and innovative way of learning to children, in hopes that it may “change” the future of learning for the better. The story begins with a classic, vintage school desk we found on Craigslist. We wanted to honor the iconic profile of this piece while also transforming it’s outdated components into a more fun and innovative way for kids to learn in today’s digital age. Meet Jesse!

Jesse’s chair and base retain their classic profile with a modern finish upgrade. The desktop’s function, originally built for lots of physical storage and durability, has been reconfigured to address functions for the modern 4-6th grade student and incorporates augmented reality learning tools. Its revamped softer, rounder form and fun color is friendly and appealing to kids.

Jesse’s features include:

  • The slim desk top now accommodates digital learning tools, with minimal storage space designed to hold essential physical tools, as opposed to the earlier bulkier space designed to hold lots of books, notebooks, pencils, and other supplies.
  • The flip-up top allows students to prop up a tablet on the back end of their desk while providing ample space on the front portion of the desk surface for writing and other analog tasks.
  • An integrated scan-able QR code allows for immersive learning opportunities no matter where the setting.
  • The desk is portable. The carrying straps and soft foam and fabric bottom comfortably allow the user to pick up the desk and take it with them to any location they desire. The desk can also be used on the user’s lap for a truly Work from Anywhere experience.

With all the issues that parents, educators, and children are working to resolve in the world of education today, our hope is that the Jesse prototype can be a conversation starter for future creative and innovative learning solutions.

I was designed and created by Fennie + Mehl and One Hat One Hand in San Francisco, and listed for auction at Chairity, the annual event where creative volunteers auction off their designs in order to raise money for our community On November 4, 2021, I was purchased at the Chairity auction by Teddy L. from San Mateo, CA.

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