Hi there, I'm Tie-Dyed Thonet

This is my story.

Maker: Two Furnish + Melanie Abrantes Designs

When I decided to join the Two Chairity team to spearhead the design concept, I chose to look back to the original Chairity concept and simply transform a chair. I wanted to provide something that would fit in to the living room of a San Francisco apartment and compliment a modern or traditional interior. I was thrilled to find a timeless Thonet Bentwood Armchair on Craigslist and began dreaming of a way elevate this architectural classic.

While having cocktails with my team and “divine artisan”, Melanie Abrantes, we realized she could apply her special Ice-Dye technique to the chair frame, creating an elegant, one-of-a-kind expression. Melanie typically applies this finish to vases made in hardwood Maple. Through this dying process, the dye separates the pigment colors and organically travels through the water to give it an unexpected and beautiful result. My job was to strip the chair of the original finish and prepare it for Melanie’s expertise. I also reupholstered the seat cushion with a fabric that compliments the subtle magenta tones in the finish.

As we hoped, the results are beautiful and unique! I’m thrilled and honored for the opportunity to partner with Melanie on this project. Over time, the finish will continue to lighten and more of the blue and magenta tones will become visible. I hope you can find a special place for it in your home!

Where Have I Been?

I was created in San Francisco and am participating in the 2022 Chairity Auction at Almanac Brewery, 651 West Tower Avenue, Alameda, CA.

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