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This is my story.

Maker: Taylor Design

My maker, Taylor Design, crafted me based on the 2022 Chairity event theme – the 1960s Peace, Love, and Chairity. Two Furnish hosts the event.

The Taylor Design team found me at the popular San Francisco bay area flea market – Alameda Point Antiques Faire. It was a hot September morning, and the sun was bright over the bay. The market was full of eager antique hunters looking for their diamonds in the rough. As the team made its way, aisle by aisle, through the market, they were encouraged by what they saw. Before they spotted me a forgotten library card catalog, they saw many equally inspiring furniture pieces already transformed from their former self. So when the Taylor Design team approached Jim’s booth and saw me, they knew they had something special on their hands, something they knew with a little TLC could be useful again.

The Taylor Design team worked over the next month to transform me into my new self. First, they developed a composition of images reflecting the event’s theme. Then with me in mind, an old library card catalog, the team pulled ideas together around how I could be useful again. And with great thought to the aesthetic improvements to my exterior, I could fit in at anyone’s home.

I’m so thankful to Taylor Design for helping me with my transformation.


BAR Catalog

Hi, from Taylor Design:

Taylor Design team drew inspiration for their concept from the event’s theme. It evoked strong visuals of this multifaceted decade that brought love and peace, activism, civil rights, and bold statements in fashion, furniture, architecture, and interior design. It was a period in history that broke boundaries and redefined rules that inspired a generation to think differently. The team was especially drawn to the fearless use of “non-traditional” colors paired together to create a sophisticated look and feel. We can see, even today, how furniture and interior design continue to pay homage to the path boldly made in the 1960s.

The Taylor Design team replaced the wood top, removed the card holders within each drawer, removed and cleaned the drawer hardware, sanded the entire exterior, and attached new legs to the base. The entire box got a fresh coat of primer and paint in a green hue indicative of the 1960s. The color is Sherwin Williams – Rookwood Dark Green SW 2816. The team left the inside of the drawer in the original wood unpainted, which gave a warm contrast to the green exterior.

Taylor Design knows this handsome bar cabinet will make a lovely addition to anyone’s home for many years.

Where Have I Been?

I was purchased at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire, and before that I may have lived in Sonoma County, CA. I am participating in the 2022 Chairity Auction at Almanac Brewery, 651 West Tower Avenue, Alameda, CA.

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