Hi there, I'm Ms. Chairity

This is my story.

Maker: One Workplace

The idea for our piece came from a combination or the Chairity name and searching for our chair. We had found another chair originally and when we saw it we started seeing the idea of Ms. Chairity, However we were not able to get that chair, so we went looking again.

When we found the 2nd chair, we realized that we could still make it work for our idea, so we started planning. The idea was pitched to the team and not everyone was sure it would work, but as we started taking the chair apart and putting it back together again, Ms. Chairity began to come to life for all of us.

We were able to reuse all of the pieces from the original chair, with the exception of 1 piece, which actually had 1895 1/2 carved into. We made some interesting discoveries as we were disassembling the seat; 3 older fabrics, one on top of the other and at the bottom, some original stuffing was still in place, horse hair. We decided to keep the chair as classic as possible and went with the black and white theme with red accents. We really felt that the back of the chair looked like a woman’s torso and we loved the design, so we kept that intact and worked around it, also keeping the inlaid veneer flowers as the center.

Since we had created this figure, we decided to give her a personality, such as a hat, glasses, flowers, outfit and, of course, a name. We are secretly hoping that TWO will adopt her as their Chairity representative (aka mascot). 🙂

I was born at One Workplace in the SF Bay Area and listed for auction at Chairity, the annual event where creative volunteers auction off their designs in order to raise money for our community Chairity 2021 is being held November 4 at the San Francisco Design Center. Learn more at: www.givetwochairity.com

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