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Maker: DLR Group

DLR Group approaches Peace, Love and Chairity in a perspective that highlights the light and the dark moments of finding peace and love.

Origami cranes are a symbol of peace in Japanese culture. During WWII, a girl named Sasaki embraced the tradition of folding a thousand cranes to make a wish or bring happiness to them.

Through the idea of origami, DLR Group weaves recycled materials together to not only wish for happiness and peace in the world, but also show how people can come together to heal the world.

By constructing a partition screen, one side highlights the disparity and vulnerability of the world through the black and white context of newspapers–The news continue to shed light on topics like homelessness and mental illness that are still very monotone, but rarely addressed to make a difference.

The other side shows the beauty of the world once peace and love is achieved once a positive difference is made to some of the said topics above. The colorful felt brings the idea of warm and fuzziness that peace and love evokes.

The team at DLR Group weaved a total of over 400 pieces of materials together to create this one of a kind panel. Usable not only as a decorative piece to separate a space visually, but also as a beautiful and colorful video conferencing background.

Where Have I Been?

During a home renovation, a local general contractor graciously donated water pipes for our structure, while Designtex donated their beautiful and colorful felts.

Two types of newspapers were used--current newspapers, and newspapers from 1968. The current newspapers were found in a recycle bin while the newspapers from 1968 was salvaged from a vintage mirror that had newspapers stuffed in it.

While Chairity's idea has always been about a substantial piece of furniture that should be repurposed, DLR Group took a different direction to repurpose materials that usually end up in the landfill.

Weaving Hope is participating in the 2022 Chairity Auction at Almanac Brewery, 651 West Tower Avenue, Alameda, CA.

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Weaving hope is an inspiration! The unique use of materials and the story of this piece are exquisite.

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