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Maker: EHDD

A whole team of consultants, designers and fabricators collaborated together to make the transformation happen. The initial napkin sketch, precedent images and timeline were all set by the original charity theme of PEACE, LOVE and CHARITY. 1960 -1970.

During this exploration into the design, our team discovered a range of parallels in the timeline of 1960 -1970 to our present:

Notable events of the 60s:

  • 1968 there was a pandemic known as H3N2 killing approx. 4 million
  • Civil Rights and the Death of two iconic black leaders
  • Star Trek aired its first episode in 1968 broadcasting a possible future of inclusivity and adventure in outer space.

Notable events of the 2010s:

  • Covid 19 pandemic takes the lives of approx. 6.5 + million
  • Black Lives Matter – George Floyd, Breonna Taylor amongst more of our fellow citizens taken too soon.
  • Star Trek prequel by son of Gene Roddenberry reinvigorating the franchise and giving humanity hope for a familiar future.

It should be noted that peace and love is something we could all use a dose of in our current state. Capturing the momentum of the timeline the team sourced multiple precedents to glean design ideas pulled directly from the 60’s 70’s 80’s into the  present.

  • Solus Chair by Gae Aulenti
  • Circe Armchair by Ini Archibong
  • Archive of Douglas Furniture of California

How to get from a napkin sketch to a final product the team met weekly to update each other on the developments? With the professional hand of Jordan Byrnes, our friend in fabrication, a direction was set and over three days of production, indeed a transformation occurred.

In expanding my formative years as a retired dining chair – a new creation emerges as a multi-dynamic support for a new world before me.

Just under the varnish lives a history of my formative years, serving as a seat at a table, tethered by the long coiled phone cord and the pine sol scented Linoleum floors. Now I offer the opportunity, an invitation rather – to elevate the spirit and center the mind. A place to rest the tools that support connecting to a higher purpose.

Today I exist as an up-cycled meditation and wellness seat. Made of all my parts with a few new elements. Little was taken from my original stature only to make room for something greater. The wonders a coat of paint and a little finish can do to polish up a rusty look. Secured with a new solid wood seat/top made from scraps of wood, and a surprise element yet to be revealed, I come with a message of sustainability and resourcefulness – new life for an ever-changing future. Let’s give peace and love a chance!

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Where Have I Been?

My life as a dining chair has been an interesting journey. I was designed in California by the Douglas family and birthed in Mexico around 1989 - ready to face the world. Born of steel tubular frame, painted out in a semi gloss soft cream and anchored in 80’s haute couture slip seat constructed out of MDF core, upholstery foam and a pink-gray woven textile. I was hip and young for the late 80’s.

For the past 33 years, my sole purpose was to function as a dining chair. If these seats could talk, the stories they would tell but I am not the type of chair to “sit and tell.” A golden girl icon still wearing my original baby clothes, for 33 years I felt like my age did not match my look and I yearned for my younger years… where did they go?

After surviving a pandemic I found myself for sale at CTS, a community thrift store located at 623 Valencia St. A group of designers from EHDD swooped me up and took me back to their place where they talked about giving me a makeover.

I am participating in the 2022 Chairity Auction at Almanac Brewery, 651 West Tower Avenue, Alameda, CA.

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