Hi there, I'm Little Ozzy & Big Axl

This is my story.

Maker: Studio O+A

Little Ozzy: A table or desk lamp whose layers bring surprises each look you take. Hidden beneath their billowing shades, the lights disguise the electrical material that once was. Though static, the lamp brings a sense of movement to the spaces it brightens. The light comes with dimmable feature cable which can be added at owner’s desire and is operated overall with a simple plug – unplug.

Big Axl: A floor or wall sconce whose textures weave you in and out of its electrical past. This feature light elegantly illuminates surfaces behind it, a soft touch to its rugged edges. The owner will have control of temperature, brightness, and other fun features of the light source, bringing the punk rock energy when and where it may be needed. Rated 75lb wall hooks recommended, but not included.

I was born at Studio O+A in Berkeley, CA. I was listed for auction at Chairity, the annual event where creative volunteers auction off their designs in order to raise money for our community Chairity 2021 is being held November 4 at the San Francisco Design Center. Learn more at: www.givetwochairity.com

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