Hi there, I'm Joy Dresser

This is my story.

Maker: Designtex + CYC Commercial

Our concept began with a team discussion where we all agreed we wanted to select an object that we could give a second chance at life while also creating something that would make people smile. With all of the darkness of the past 1 ½ years, we were keen to express some optimism and have some fun using bright colors and exuberant textile patterns.

After discussing various options we decided to try to find a chest of drawers that needed a major makeover. We met Joy in her previous owner’s front yard in Redwood City. While she had given the previous owners many years of service, she had reached the end of her useful life for them. When we picked Joy up she looked a little green and a little sad. We knew we had made the right choice. We named her Joy because our team felt it was the name that best captured the spirit of what we were trying to create.

Our team worked over the next month putting together color pallets, pulling samples and getting together to mix and match various options from the Designtex line to see what worked best. We were focused on bright colors, bold patterns and fabrics with rich texture. We were also keen to use our in house team in Portland Maine to create some printed floral patterns that would complement the woven fabrics we had selected.

After final selections were made we sent all of our materials to our team partner CYC Interior in Hayward. CA. They then began to experiment with different ways to apply the woven fabrics, printed textiles and printed film that we selected. The team visited the CYC facility several times in September and October and worked through a number of different application challenges that the various materials presented. When Joy was complete we were thrilled. We had created a new life for her and in this new incarnation she is much brighter, bolder and colorful. We have no doubt she will find a great home to live in!

I was born at Designtex + CYC Commercial in Redwood City, CA. I was listed for auction at Chairity, the annual event where creative volunteers auction off their designs in order to raise money for our community Chairity 2021 is being held November 4 at the San Francisco Design Center. Learn more at: www.givetwochairity.com

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