Hi there, I'm Zero Chair

This is my story.

The Zero chair, also known as the Ø Chair, was designed to easily assemble and disassemble with as few materials as possible. Zero was designed by Danish designer Øivind Slaatto for Magnus Olesen and OFS with a goal of timeless design for aesthetic longevity and simplicity for circularity to easily replace, restore and reuse components. Zero’s design consists of four main parts: seat, back, frame and a single jewel fastener that elegantly and structurally secures all the components together. The molded seat and back feature FSC-certified oak.

The beauty of its design allows for unlimited replacement and repair, including the drawstring fabric approach for the upholstered seat. Zero chairs are produced in both Denmark by Magnus Olesen and the United States by OFS.

Where Have I Been?

I was born in Huntingburg, IN, and was one of the first production units used in the OFS Research and Development center. I came to the Metropolis Sustainability Lab for NeoCon in June 2022.

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